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Studies at Swedish Defence University - a both civil and military university - offers a completely different experience compared to most other universities.

As a civil and military university where different perspectives complement and enrich each other – and our students – we dare to promise you a unique environment for studying.

International programmes and courses


Politics, Security and Crisis

The master’s programme Politics, Security and Crisis provides a tailor-made political science knowledge and insights into issues that concern security policy, crises and crisis management.

Schackpjäser på schackspel.

War and Defence

The master’s programme War and Defence gives those without a military background an opportunity to obtain a degree in war studies.

Drönare i luften.

Innovation, Defence and Security

The master’s programme Innovation, Defence and Security provides you with an understanding of systems with the capability to contribute to ­– or affect – a society’s defence and security.

FN:s logotyp.

International Operational Law

The master’s programme International Operational Law is your path to a career as legal advisor in international law focused on peace, crisis and armed conflict.

Masterstudies in Sweden

Master student in Sweden

To study in Sweden is to take part of the Swedish way of doing things. Its a lot about democracy and consensus in the process of taking decisions, and about creating a better world together.

How to apply and entry requirements  

Here we guide you through the application process, explain the entry requirements, admissions and other important things that you need to know when applying to our programmes and courses.


If you have applied for a Master´s programme at The Swedish Defence University, there are several scholarships which you can apply for. Please note that these scholarships are for students w...

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Unique environment

Studies at Swedish Defence University - a both civilian and military university - offers a unique and completely different experience compared to most other universities.

Future career opportunities

To study at the Swedish Defence University is an excellent way of reaching your dream job in the security, defence and crisis management fields.

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